Let your little one have fun with their favorite character Elmo Tees!


Elmo’s image is still going strong in the kiddie product market. No matter you or Even Your kids were born on the 70’s 80’s or 90’s or even on these days; You will find yourself continue to run into ELMO, whether it is at school, the grocery store, and any birthday parties/events

My niece and nephew they all like ELMO. When I brought this ELMO tees from here to them, they are jumping over joy of excitement!

This is a picture of brightly coloured Sesame Street tshirt, featuring the favorite Elmo character .
elmo crop


Most of the kids who just as me, grew up watching the Sesame Street on TV, will have fun just wearing it!

Let your little one have fun with his favourite character Elmo when he ventures out on everyday adventures.

I have brought 2 for my own casual wearing too, just to prove that my heart is still young, haha.


Interesting part is that You can mix and match the Sesame Street t-shirt with jeans, trousers and joggers to create different looks, made from soft cotton and machine washable, the material also allowing you to pop the top in the wash for a quick and easy clean.

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